Advanced Technology

What is Freeze Dried Artemia?
Freeze Dried artemia is a product that has been processed by preserving almost the original state of the product without causing changes such as splitting in the molecular and cell structure during the drying process, without deteriorating the internal and external structure of the product. The product is freeze-dried without exposure to high temperatures.

What are the advantages?
Its most important advantage is its long-term preservation feature. In this processing technique, water is removed directly as a gas before it becomes ice. Another important feature is the maximum preservation of nutritional value. In this way, vitamins, minerals, pigments are preserved, and it is ensured that you have a quality feeder for the development, reproduction, coloration and immunity of your fish.

Wide range of uses
Freeze Dried Artemia can be used safely in your fresh-salt water, omnivorous, carnivorous and herbivorous species.

First and Only in Europe
The product, which is packaged by harvesting and freeze-drying artemia fed by the natural algae (chaetoceros, tetraselmis, dunaliella etc.) of the Aral Sea ecosystem, has the distinction of being the first and only product produced in Europe.

Analysis Value
Crude Protein: 50%
Crude Fat: 6%
Crude Fiber: 2.5%
Humidity: 5% maximum