Who We Are

We have been producing fish feeds, algae (micro-macro) and artemia cysts since 2016. We are the University-Industry Cooperation partner that produces Turkey's only artemia cyst.

Beta Artemia offers wide and specialized range of top quality Artemia cysts from Aral Lake sources with sustainably and modernized harvested . Our aim is not to market artemia as a simple fish food, but as a range of advanced and innovative products with spesific and modern technology innovations to meet the highest sustainability and eco-friend standards. Our R&D department continues its research for new technologies without interruption.

Beta Artemia harvest 4000 tons (raw material) of quality artemia eggs annually from the Aral Sea. Our factory is established on an area of 30,000 square meters. The total processing area is 6500 square meters. It has a drying capacity of 4 tons of cysts per hour. Our machines are fully automated. Temperature, humidity and pressure controls are monitored by sensitive sensors at every stage of production. Our factory is equipped with the most modern processing equipment and laboratories.

Beta Artemia offers high quality Artemia cysts with a medium-size nauplii (230.000 nauplii per gram of cysts), small-size (290.000 nauplii per gram of cysts) and a high hatching rate of >90% after 24 hrs.

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